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You know it, they know it, and here at Orange County Singles, we know it.  Some guys out there just seem to have all the luck in the world when it comes to the ladies.  But don’t fret, as the top Irvine matchmaking service, we’re know a few secrets of our own.  Get ready as our expert matchmakers teach you how to be a lady’s magnet and become truly irresistible in their eyes.

Some guys are very lucky with the ladies.  They have the looks and the style to make the ladies go nuts.  Some, however, might not be all that attractive, yet despite that, they are still very successful with the ladies.  Are you wondering how they do it?  Do you want to know why the ladies love them?  You’re not alone.

Does he have a magic potion to attract single ladies?  Or is there something he has or does that makes the women go after him?

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What makes a man irresistible?

If you are struggling to understand what a woman magnet is, allow our Irvine matchmaking service to explain it to you.  A ladies’ magnet is someone who attracts women everywhere he goes; he has all eyes on him.

Sometimes, it could be your best friend or a co-worker, and other times it could be guys you see out.  No matter who it is, you just don’t understand what women see in them.  But somehow, they are very lucky with the ladies and continue to go on dates with different women all the time.

If you want to become a ladies’ magnet, all you need to do is pay attention to the following tips from our matchmakers and use them in your dating life.  Watch how irresistible you become to single women in Orange County in no time.

1.  Always Smell Great

Here at Orange County Singles Dating Service, we encourage our clients to smell great every time they walk out the door.  There is something about a good smelling guy that makes him very irresistible.  Before your date, or before you leave your house, be sure to spray an alluring cologne.  Women will turn their heads when you walk by or draw closer to you as you’re standing next to them.

When a guy smells good, it makes a women want to be around him.  Women will follow you because of your great smell.  If you smell amazing all the time, you will become a ladies’ magnet.

2. Be Funny & Witty

You don’t have to have to look like a GQ model to get all the ladies.  If you are not that fortunate in the looks department, you can use humor to your advantage.  Many guys who are successful with the ladies are attractive because they are funny.  Women love a good laugh, and if you can do that, you’ll be very appealing in their eyes.  Remember, women like men who like to have fun.

3. Have an Attitude

Not a mean attitude.  Besides being funny, you should also have a little attitude.  Women don’t like men who get walked all over.  Women like a man with confidence and a backbone.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a bad boy, just don’t let anyone walk all over you.

4. Be Sensitive

If there’s one thing women love about a guy, it’s his sensitive side.  You need to have the ability to be empathetic and actually mean it.  Women are very good at telling when a men is just faking it.  Show her your sensitive side and don’t be afraid to be affectionate and lovey with her.

5. Show Your Interest in Her

We can all agree that women love to talk, especially about themselves. This is why you need to ask her questions and show genuine interest in the things she says to you.  When she tells you stories about her life, listen to her.

By asking her personal questions you are showing her that you are interested in her.

6. Be Caring About Family

Women will try to pry into your life and want to know what type of guy you are with little tactics revolving around family.  Women love it when a guy they’re seeing talks about his family and actually loves them.

This shows women that you are the type of guy worthy dating and taking home to meet her own family.  Women love a man who cares deeply for his family.

7. Flatter Her

Flattery is a very powerful tool to use with women.  Your job is to make the ladies blush whenever you can.  If you know how to give women the right type of compliments, you’ll have them blushing instantly.  Give her a sincere compliment on something you find attractive about her.  This will put you on your way to becoming a ladies’ magnet.

8. Be a Great Talker

Our Irvine matchmaking experts have already told you how much women love talking.  So if you want to be successful with them, you need to learn how to keep a good conversation going.  You need to stay up with the latest and have intriguing conversations with her.

Women love a man that can keep them interested.  So if you are looking to become a ladies’ magnet, be sure you know how to maintain a good conversation.

9. Show Your Happiness with a Smile

When guys smile, they’re basically telling women that they are happy with themselves.  Women don’t go after men who are frowning or negative.  Women go after men that smile and are genuinely happy.  This is something that has followed humans through evolution and still plays a huge role today.  People are drawn to happy people.

10. Be Confident

Confidence is the most important trait to women.  It is the most attractive quality you can have.  No matter your looks, if you have confidence you’ll be come a ladies magnet.

Becoming a ladies’ magnet isn’t that hard after all.  All you need to do is follow these simple yet effective tips from our Orange County matchmakers and you’ll soon become irresistible to any woman that crosses your path.

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