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Marriage isn’t just about finding your dream partner. There are many advantages of saying “I do.” Today, Orange County matchmaking experts from Orange County Singles will review them for you.

Being married nowadays is often looked at as old fashioned. Younger people are choosing not to wed and are officially unattached. And although the times are changing, there are still many advantages to saying “I do.” If the union is happy, the couple will experience a lot of financial benefits, unbeatable support, and overall health. Being married has even been proven to increase one’s lifespan.

Today, our Orange County matchmaking experts will show you the top reasons to get married and the benefits you can expect with your lifelong partner by your side.

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1. A Longer Lifespan

Married people take care of each other. They support their partners and help them if they need help. People who have a family to take care of will obviously take care of themselves. They understand there is someone else they must look out for beyond themselves. If you want to live longer, then marriage might be for you. However, our Orange County matchmaking experts don’t want you to make the mistake of marrying someone who is not your true soul mate.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle

People who are married are usually healthier than those who are not. Some married people feel so responsible for their loved ones that they take better care of themselves. They quit bad habits such as drinking and smoking and begin eating right and working out regularly.

3. No Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Married people have a stable and satisfying sex life. They don’t have to hit the bars or clubs to look for potential sexual partners, which lowers the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Married couples respect each other and stay loyal to one another. People who are single are more inclined to jump from partner to partner, which puts them on the path of common STDs.

4. Better Health

For women, there are many health benefits that come from being married. A good sex life can give them the feelings of satisfaction and happiness. This good feeling can actually help a woman perform better in her daily life, as well as help her overcome depression and mood swings.

5. Health Issues Are Resolved

Not only is being married beneficial for women in the health department, but it improves men’s health as well. Married men are healthier, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Feeling loved and taken care of is good for men’s cardiovascular system, so married men are less likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes, or diseases.

6. Improved Financial Status

It’s obvious that a couple who is married will spend more money than a single person, but couples make more money, and because of it, they can afford better things. Married men realize they are the household providers and work their way up the ladder to earn more money and provide a better life for their family. Marriage is inspiring; it’s motivation to work more and earn more to provide for loved ones.

7. Kicking Bad Habits

It’s been known for married couples to kick their bad habits much easier because, once again, they are responsible for a family and don’t want their bad habits to destroy what they have. Some will quit smoking or drinking, while others will give up fast food and lazy ways. It’s much easier to say goodbye to vices and bad habits when you have a supportive partner by your side. On the other hand, those who are single have to fight their battles alone, which our Orange County matchmaking experts know is difficult to do.

8. Easier to Take Care of Children

When you have a partner by your side, a loving spouse, it’s easier to take care of your children. Parents who share the responsibilities for their children set a better example. Their kids learn what a family, as well as a loving relationship, should be like, which makes them better equipped for their own future.

9. A Fulfilling Life

Since married couples earn more money, it means they can have a better life. Married couples can buy a better house in a better location. They can afford better food, better education for their children, and have the luxury of vacationing in better places.

10. Having a Partner for Life

Being committed to someone is great. It is rewarding to have someone by your side, someone who cherishes you and protects you. All of us dream of having a partner by our side, and married couples have that for the rest of their lives.

11. Having Someone to Support You

Whether you had a bad day at the office, got into a fender on the way home, or are having a stressful week with the kids, you will always have a partner who is there by your side to support you. Your partner is not only there for the good times, but they are also there for the bad ones. Your spouse will be there to lift you up when you are down and to help you with whatever you need.

12. Creating a Family

Couples who are married have the ability to create a family like they always dreamed of. Although unmarried couples can also have a family, being married means stability and security for the family.

13. Companionship Through Old Age

Married couples have a partner by their side as they grow older. And having someone by your side on your last days can give you peace of mind.

14. A Happy Life

Married couples tend to be happier than single and divorced people. They experience a more positive life that is full of satisfaction. Marriage provides stability and support that allows both partners to be successful in all other areas of their life, which provides more overall happiness. Marriage is the type of relationship that can give one contentment and life satisfaction. In other words, marriage equals happiness.

15. Real Love

There is no better benefit to being married than being loved and giving love. If you love someone so much that you don’t want to lose them, you can do this by being married. Married couples are more likely to stay true to love and the relationship. A marriage will definitely help true love thrive for years on end, even a lifetime when you find your soul mate.

If you’re single and searching for the one, contact our Orange County matchmaking experts here at Orange County Singles and let us help you on your search!


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