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While playing doctor with your girlfriend might bring about those same wonderful feelings you get from doing a charity act, these feelings will start to fade away once you’ve been waiting on her hand and foot, tissue after tissue, for several days.

But being the wonderful boyfriend you are, you’ll have to suck it up until your girlfriend is feeling better. Whether it’s by making her asparagus soup, taking her dog out for walks, or running out in the middle of the night to grab her favorite popsicles for her sore throat, you need to be by her side. You also have to deal with a lot of snotty tissues, empty packets of medication, and a very irritable girlfriend who will take her anger out on you without even thinking twice.

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How to Handle a Sick Girlfriend

So you want to take care of your girlfriend in a way that doesn’t drive you crazy? Don’t worry, our expert matchmakers from the leading dating service in Orange County have some expert tricks for you. After all, we’re not just there for you during the good times, we’re also here for you during the bad ones. So get ready to find out how you can love and care for your girlfriend when she is feeling ill.

1. Welcome the Role of the Caretaker

First thing is first, you need to welcome the role of the caretaker. Remember that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. Embrace the role and go along with it. You can do this by turning on the charm and showing up with soup, orange juice, and a big smile on your face.

You can also bring her a gift basket. This is also great to give her when you can’t be there by her side. The basket should include tissues, Tums, soups, crackers, Gatorade, Nyquil, or anything else you know she might need. Of course you want to add a handwritten note to your care basket to make it extra special and personal.

2. Take Time for Yourself

It is very important you don’t get so caught up in taking care of your girlfriend that you forget about yourself. Spend some time doing the things you need to do for yourself while taking care of your girlfriend. You can hide this a bit by letting her take a much needed nap or giving her time to get a nice hot bubble bath by herself.

The key is not to get overwhelmed with all the work. Whether she has the flu or is suffering from something else, never forget to be there to take care of her. But remember, you are entitled to take a night off to do the things you need to do or else you will go crazy.

3. Pick Shifts

Being around your mucousy girlfriend 24/7 will not be pleasant for you. She might make you feel impatient and drained, which is not what you want to be. This is why expert matchmakers at the leading dating service in Orange County know it’s very important to pick shifts to be there for her. Get one of her friends or family members to switch shifts with you; after all, they do care for her as well and will want to help as much as they can.

4. Make It Fun

Catching the common cold isn’t necessarily a life sentence. If you are trapped under the same roof with your sick girlfriend, why not make fun of it a little bit to lighten the mood? Of course you’re not having a good time, but you can make light of it and give her a good chuckle so she knows you don’t resent her.

If she’s feeling up to it, why not play some games? Try having a game night with your sick girlfriend. Bring all her favorite snacks and bust out the old games up in the closet. Even if games are not your thing, at least it will keep your girlfriend distracted. Really, anything that will keep her mind occupied is considered a blessing.

5. Don’t Get Irritated

Getting irritated with her will only cause a fight and make her feel worse. If you feel like you’re going to lose it, take some time and walk away to let off some steam. Nothing will make your girlfriend feel more upset than seeing you frustrated because you have to help her while she’s down.

6. Let Go of the Pity Party

Yes, you’ve been taking care of your girlfriend. Yes, you’re probably not getting the appreciation you deserve. But guess what, she is your girlfriend and you need to be there for her. Relationships do require both partners to make sacrifices, but this time, it just happens to be your turn.

7. Don’t Complain to Friends

Yes, taking care of your sick girlfriend is a hard task, but complaining to your friends might get back to your girlfriend and make you look bad. The last thing you want is for your girlfriend to hear that you were complaining about her while she was down and out. Remember that she doesn’t enjoy being sick either.

All in all, taking care of her when she needs you means brownie points for you. And remember, she isn’t going to be sick forever. In fact, by the time the weekend rolls around, she’ll be rocking those smoky eyes and beautiful black dress with the heels you enjoy so much. The best part about being there for her is that she will not forget how kind and caring you were during those days she was sick. And she’ll most likely want to reward you for all your efforts of putting up with her while she was at her worst.

Women appreciate a man who is willing to be there for them, not only during the good times, but during the bad ones as well. Be the man your girlfriend needs, be someone she will be thankful to have as a partner. Be someone who is patient and loving when she is sick, and she’ll make you a keeper for life.

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