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When you and your boyfriend have been together for a long time, it’s natural to start wondering if a proposal is around the corner. Our Huntington Beach matchmakers know this is especially true around the holidays and Valentine’s Day. With the holidays of 2019 come and gone, that leaves you questioning the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day.

Chances are that you may have a conversation or two about marriage before anyone gets down on one knee. But it can still be exciting to try and spot the signs of an upcoming proposal.

Are you wondering if your guy will soon get down on one knee?

Signs He’s Ready to Propose?

Today, our Huntington Beach matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s about to propose. Maybe your Valentine’s Day will be extra special in 2020!

1. He’s suddenly into sweets.

Wedding ceremonies can be an acquired taste, but one aspect of the big day which holds universal appeal for everyone is, you guested it, the delicious and mouthwatering cake.

Taking note of as many wedding-related details as possible can show in your man’s behavior. Pay attention, because it can show from the moment he makes the decision to tie the knot. In other words, don’t be shocked if you notice him deep in thought over little details. Watch how he behaves when he goes to the bakery. It could be a clue that lets you know he’s ready to propose to you.

2. He’s saving money now.

Your boyfriend may be good with money in general. But if you notice that lately he has been pinching every penny he can, it could be due the fact he’s saving for an expensive ring. These days, women are sporting super big diamond rings on their fingers, so he doesn’t want to disappoint. Don’t ask him why he has been saving up coupons to go grocery shopping every weekend or why he’s been skipping on guys’ nights. Just keep your manicure chip-free for the day he slips that shiny ring on your finger.

3. He’s talking about the future together.

For a guy who lives for the moment, the fact that your boyfriend is all of the sudden talking about the future can be jolting. You may be taken by surprise that your boyfriend is making such big plans with you. Be happy because this is all part of his path towards getting down on one knee and proposing to you. Sit down and discuss his hopes and dreams, fears and concerns. Let him know you’re all in.

If you two can come to terms with how you see your lives together down the road, he will feel even more secure in the idea of tying the knot. It’s good that he is being smart and sorting things out before getting into such a big commitment.

4. Your accessories have caught his attention.

When a man is ready to buy an engagement ring, he wants to be sure he finds the perfect one for his girlfriend. So if you spy him sifting through your jewelry box or he starts asking you about your favorite gemstone shape, this is a relatively clear sign he’s getting ready to propose to you. Be clear with your answers so you don’t end up with a ring that doesn’t go with your personality.

5. He talks about successful marriages.

Has your man been talking about his parents and how long they’ve been married? Does he get gushy over how they’re still in love and going strong? If your guy is suddenly enthralled by long, successful marriages, he might be thinking about your future together. Your guy could be thinking about your very own future together and hoping it lasts just as long.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion your guy is thinking about proposing to you? Did your magical holidays together lead you to believe he’s head over heels and made up his mind? If you’re wondering if Valentine’s Day or 2020 will bring an engagement your way, use these five signs to get your answer. If he gets down on one knee, congrats! We wish the best to you!

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