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The days are longer than ever. The nights are superhot.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy a romantic summer date in California.  We have the top five summer date ideas in OC you can’t afford to miss!

Summer is the season for love, and there are a lot of fabulous things to do in the summer months in Orange County.  Since summer isn’t as restrictive as the winter months, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without having to worry about bad weather.  Let our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service show you our top five picks that will bring a little sizzle to your love life this summer!

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1. Take a Trip to a Local Winery

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a winery, then you’re in for a treat.  Many wineries have gatherings where you can mingle with other couples.  These gatherings will also have food pairing, so not only can you enjoy delicious wine but some tasty food that pairs well with it.

Wineries aren’t just about wine.  They are also very picturesque, as they have breathtaking backgrounds that give you and your date the perfect place for a romantic summer date.

2. Cooking Lessons

Magic always happens in the kitchen, so why not enroll in a cooking class with other couples to kick up some fun this summer?  There are many places in OC that offer cooking classes for couples.  You can experience great food, fun interactions, and plenty of laughs.

Whether the two of you are novices or expert chefs, you’ll enjoy the learning experience and have a ton of fun making summer meals together afterwards.

3. A Romantic Hiking Trip

Believe it or not, hiking is a great idea for a romantic summer date.  There’s something about walking through Mother Nature during the summer months that really sets the tone.  If exercising is your thing, then you’ll love getting in a good hike with your love interest.

Pack a lunch and explore an area you’ve never been to before, while you walk and talk and take in all the beautiful sights.

4. Midday Picnic on the Beach

They say there’s nothing more romantic than a picnic, and our Irvine matchmakers couldn’t agree more.  Whether it’s a picnic in the park or one by the beach, you simply can’t go wrong with a picnic date this summer.

Pack a midday lunch, roll out a blanket, and sit close to each other.  Cuddle up with your partner and have a wonderful and refreshing date together.

5. Go Berry Picking

Berries are a symbol of summer, so it’s not really a surprise that berry picking is a great summer date.  Not only do you get to spend some time in the outdoors picking delicious berries, but you can also plan the dessert you’ll be making when you get home.  This is where you can put those culinary skills to use and impress each other.

You can’t go pick berries without making something delicious afterwards—it just doesn’t work.  A mixed berry milkshake, a strawberry shortcake, or just enjoying them as they are.

While it might seem hard to break away from your everyday hustle and bustle, these great summer date ideas in OC are all you need to heat up your romantic life.

If you wish to have a partner to enjoy one of these sizzling summer date ideas, contact our Irvine matchmakers today and let us arrange it for you.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90-minute summer matchmaking consultation with our Irvine matchmakers today.  We look forward to helping you find that special someone this summer!

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