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Regardless of whether you’ve experienced a painful heartbreak in the past, realizing your crush doesn’t see you as a romantic partner is devastating. It may feel like you aren’t good enough for him. As Irvine matchmakers, we know that can be a huge blow to your ego. Are we right?

Of course, we are. You like him a lot. You are great friends. Everything goes wonderfully when you guys spend time together… Except one small thing: he doesn’t have feelings for you.

Getting friend zoned by your crush is one of the worst things that can happen in the dating world.

Today, our Irvine matchmakers are going to show you the top warning signs you’re heading for the friend zone.

1. He never tried to make a move.

Some people think that just because their crush has never tried to make a move on them that are just the shy type. There is this whole other possibility that maybe he doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. Therefore, he doesn’t want to make a move and lead you on.

Just because we want to date someone, doesn’t mean that person wants to date us too. If you think that you have been friend zoned, pay close attention to the way he acts around you. Look at his interactions with you and compare everything to someone you think he may have feelings for. Or better yet, compare your interactions with him to someone you dated in the past.

2. His friends joke that you have been friend zoned;/

If your crush’s friends ever made a joke about you being friend zoned, there is a good chance that they were actually poking fun at you. And if you ask us, that’s not really a joke at all.

Once his friends start saying that you’ve entered the dreaded friend zone, you most likely already have. If their friends are even saying it, imagine what he could have been telling them about you. Usually, a guy’s friends will know everything that’s going on before you have figured it out.

3. He subtly turns down your moves.

If the guy you’re crushing on seems to always kindly turn down any move you make towards him, that may be a sign that you have crossed over into the dreaded friend zone. If the timing is right, then someone who is into you will usually allow any move you make. Moreover, they will make some moves of their own. But when every move you make has been blocked, it may be time to set your sights on a new guy.

4. You’re his go-to person.

When you become your crush’s go-to person that he runs to every time something is going on in his life, that might be a sign that you are already in the friend zone.

Those words, just a friend, can be pretty harsh when you have fallen head over heels for someone. After all, when they don’t like you back it bruises your ego and crushes your spirits. Worse yet, he may even come to you for helpful advice about the person that he actually likes, which can make things worse for you.

5. He suggests hanging out in groups.

This is one of the more subtle signs you’re being friend zoned by a guy. If the guy you’re crushing on always suggests group hang outs, he could be placing you in the dreaded friend zone. This suggests that you’re better off as platonic friends.

Being friend zoned stinks. There’s no sugarcoating it. If you get the feeling your crush isn’t feeling you, be on the lookout for these five warning signs.

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