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Recovering from a broken heart can be challenging, but to help you move forward, our professional matchmakers from the top matchmaking service in Irvine, Orange County Singles, will teach you how to make some New Year’s resolutions that will help you recover from your broken heart.

Getting your heart broken is a part of dating, it’s something that happens to many people. It is not something anyone looks forward to, but it is important in order to discover the true meaning of love and what it feels like to be loved.

A broken heart can come in many different forms, and again, it happens to everyone, not just you. And while most people think of a broken heart from a romantic relationship, it can happen to anyone, even people who are not in relationships. A child can get their heart broken when their parent leaves to another country for a wonderful job opportunity, or two friends can suffer from broken hearts when one moves across the country for college. None the less, everyone heals. We continue to find ways to love other people and to fulfill those gaps and keep on going.

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Resolutions to Help You Heal from a Broken Heart

Love is something we all need and deserve, but 2015 will be the year you heal from your broken heart. However, in order to do that, you’re going to have to look forward to the future. And you can do this by following this simple guide from our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles.

1. I Will Learn from Past Mistakes

Your heart is now broken because of some mistakes you made when you were in a relationship. You need to leave each other in order for you to heal, but that isn’t the only thing you must do. You must also recap on all the mistakes you made when you were together so you can prevent yourself from making them again in the future.

2. I Will Wait for a Worthy Partner

A New Year means a whole new array of possibilities. It means you could end up meeting the person of your dreams. You need to be sure and confident with who that person is going to be so you don’t experience what you’re feeling right now next year. Our matchmakers don’t want you to rush the dating process. Just be happy with your situation and wait until your ideal partner comes into your life.

3. I Will Get to Know Them

Once you find that special someone, you need to learn as much as you can from them. By knowing what type of person they are, you can figure out whether or not you should give them your attention. First impressions give out a lot of clues about the person’s true intentions, but sometimes, people can hide things. This is why it’s very important you get to know them well without rushing things along. Going at a slow pace will protect you from getting your heart broken again.

4. I Will Learn to Reciprocate

When you start dating someone new, you need to learn how to give back, not just with material things, but with your attention and compassion. Don’t ever get too complacent and just be on the receiving end of love. Be kind and return the favors your partner does; after all, that is what a relationship is about.

5. I Will Learn to Receive

Knowing how to give is just one part of the equation, you also need to know how to receive. You need to value yourself and what you expect from a relationship. When you start dating someone new, you don’t know what it takes to keep the relationship going. On the other hand, you know what it takes to make you truly happy. If your partner is giving you that, learn to accept it; after all, you deserve it.

6. I Will Learn to Be Empathetic

One of the reasons people get their hearts broken is because they forget to empathize with their partner.
If a fight keeps going for too long, a breakup will be inevitable. This is where being empathetic comes into play. You need to put yourself in your partner’s shoes because sometimes, a fight can easily be resolved if you take time to see their situation. And when it can’t, you and your partner need to come up with a resolution that benefits the two of you.

7. I Will Keep an Eye for Signs

When the relationship isn’t going well with your partner, don’t just think everything is okay. By now, you know the difference between right and wrong, so if you notice some tell-tale signs something isn’t right, don’t just blow them off. Assess the situation and evaluate things you might normally have overlooked.

8. I Will Not Rush Things Along

Commitment is an important part of a relationship. When faced with a new relationship, don’t feel the need to rush the commitment level. Again, our matchmakers want you to take things slow and see if you and your partner are on the same page. By taking your time with the relationship, you can save yourself from a heartbreak down the road.

9. I Will Trust My Gut Instinct

You might know a thing or two about dating, but nothing can compare to what your gut instinct knows. When things don’t feel good, it’s probably because something is wrong. There is a difference between doubting yourself and doubting the person you’re dating. When you don’t trust your partner, it’s time to take a step back.

10. I Will Take Things as They Come Along

If all the resolutions mentioned above don’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you need to stop dating altogether. It just means you need to learn a few more things. Not everyone can end up with the person they’re meant to be with right away. You might have to do some work on yourself first before you welcome someone else into your life. The happier you are with yourself, the happier you can be with a partner. Take some me time and work on improving your life. Whether it’s improving your work life, social life, or just taking up new hobbies that interest you, take some time for yourself before jumping back into dating again.

So there you have it, our top New Year’s resolutions to help you heal from a broken heart. They were made to help you avoid making the same mistake again. And although your heart can still get broken in 2015, you can at least know that you did everything in your power to prevent it from happening again. Aside from that, these New Year’s resolutions will also help you feel good on the inside, which will eventually help you find a new partner to welcome into your life.

If you’re healed and ready to start meeting relationship-minded singles in Orange County, contact our matchmaking professionals today!

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