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Despite what magazines and TV shows tell you, you don’t have to have the face and body of a supermodel to be a 10. After all, you could be the most attractive woman on the planet and if your personality stinks, you’d actually be a 5.

Today, our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show qualities that make you a perfect 10.

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1. Your ability to laugh at yourself and to be easygoing.

This is the first thing on the list because it really is important. If you can make people laugh, laugh at yourself, and have a generally easy going attitude, you’re much closer to a 10 than any supermodel on the runway.

2. Being nice to everyone you come in contact with.

If you treat people with respect, regardless of who they are, you’re beautiful on the inside, and that’s going to radiate on the outside and make you a 10. If you’re nice to the waiter at the restaurant, treat your friends and family with respect, and have a humble outlook on life, you should be able to look in the mirror and see a very desirable10.

3. You have a positive attitude and view in life.

If you have a “Can’t keep me down” attitude towards life and manage to remain positive during stressful situations, you’re a 10. Your positive attitude and outlook on life makes you very attractive to men. A good attitude is rated very high on the charts these days, and if you have one, you’re more than beautiful. Trust us on this one.

4. You take care of yourself.

What will make you a 10 is going the extra mile for yourself. You need to show yourself the same respect that you show everyone else. Self-love is very important. That doesn’t mean that you have to eat nothing but veggies and work out every day of the week. But if you can make the effort to feel your best, you’ll look your best.

5. The way you take care of others.

Of course, your ability to take care of yourself is going to spill out into other areas of your life, and that’s an amazing thing that you should recognize. If you drive to your friend’s house with lunch because she’s sick and can’t cook, and you’re always there for the people in your life no matter what is going on, you should know that you’re one of the most beautiful women in the world.

6. Looking in the mirror and loving yourself.

A beautiful woman is a confident woman, and you should be just that. There’s just something about exuding that level of humble self-belief that makes you very attractive to men. The more you can see the good in yourself, the more attractive you will be others, especially men who are looking for a serious relationship.

So tell us, how many of these qualities do you see in yourself? Are you a desirable partner to men? If you see room for improvement, start making positive changes today. Trust us, everyone around you will notice, and you’ll soon attract the quality partner you desire.

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