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As the leading Irvine matchmakers, we constantly encounter successful professionals who are looking for love in Orange County.  They are doing everything they can to find love, from looking on their own to investing in a professional matchmaker because they want to find someone with whom they deeply connect.

Everyone is searching for someone special, but just because you haven’t found your ideal partner yet, doesn’t mean your life is less satisfying.  We know that being single has its own benefits and perks and should be enjoyed to the fullest.  Today, our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to reveal the top perks for singles in Orange County.  We’re all about helping people find love, but you can’t stop living your life in the meantime.  The best way to attract a quality partner is to continue living a fulfilling and exciting life.

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1. You can travel whenever you want.

It can be extremely romantic to go on a romantic getaway with a partner, but let’s be realistic for a second.  A romantic trip can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive to plan.  First, it means having to coordinate two different work schedules, two different preferences for vacation destinations, and two different ideas of fun.  Now, that’s tough!

If you’re single, you only have to worry about your own work schedule and your own preferences.  If you have some vacation time saved up, you can take a trip tomorrow if you want.  That’s the type of freedom you have when you’re single.  You don’t have to worry about picking a location your partner will also be interested in going.  You can start crossing places off your bucket list and go to the places you’ve always been dying to go.  Plus, your travels will make you a fun and interesting person in the dating world.

2. Your money can be spent however you like.

When you’re in a relationship, you don’t have to get joint bank accounts, but you do combine your finances in one way or another.  Perhaps both of you pay a portion of the rent or mortgage.  Perhaps you split the check at the end of every date.  Perhaps you’re in a long-term relationship and are now making big purchases together.  Whatever the reason, finances are always a tricky issues in relationships.

Those who are single don’t have to deal with any of that because they don’t have a partner.  Want to spend half of your check on an expensive handbag?  Go ahead.  Want to blow your salary on a golf vacation?  Go for it.  Want to treat yourself to a luxury spa weekend?  Relax the weekend away.  Want to donate a portion of your paycheck to charity?  We applaud you.  When you’re single, your money is yours to decide where it goes.

3. You have freedom.

It’s no secret that singles in Orange County have a lot of freedom on their hands.  It’s true, single people do have more freedom than those who are in a relationship.  After all, they don’t have to worry about anyone else but themselves.  When it comes to their personal life, they don’t have to do a single thing they don’t want to do.  If you’re single, you can do whatever you want with your schedule.  Want to work late this week?  You can.  Want to eat sushi every day of the week?  Go ahead.  Want to stay in and relax all weekend?  Unwind and have a ball.

Of course, as professional matchmakers helping singles in Orange County every day, we know all the benefits of being in a relationship, but there is something about the freedom of being single that gives people more flexibility and fun in their lives.  Single people can pursue their careers, spend time volunteering, or work out at the gym to stay healthy and fit any time they want.  This isn’t to say that couples can’t do that, but time is limited when you’re in a relationship.

4. You have time to pursue your hobbies & passions.

It goes without saying that pretty much every adult today has a busy schedule.  Most of us can find time to indulge in the things we love on a semi-regular basis.  Whether that means going out for a run, reading a book, or learning a new skill, it’s important to pursue things that make you a better person.  Pursuing your hobbies and interests is what keeps your life balanced.

However, people who are in a relationship find that the time they used to have to pursue their passions and interests is taken away by spending quality time with their partners.  Couples have to go along to work each other’s work events, go shopping together, and attend family get togethers.  When you are single, you don’t have to fit anyone into your schedule, meaning you have more time to pursue your hobbies and interests.

Want to take on learning how to play the piano?  You absolutely can.  Want to read a book or two on a weekly basis?  You can.  Want to go for a morning run at 5 am every weekday?  You can.  You can do whatever you want with your time when you’re single.

5. You have more time for friendships.

While couples obviously have friends outside of their relationship, there’s always a little change no matter how you slice it.  No matter how much you love your friends, you’re most likely going to spend all your free time with your partner.  And that’s just the way things are when you’re in a relationship.  Not because you have to but because you want to.  Couples are known for spending all their time together.

When you’re single, you have more free time to spend with friends and develop stronger relationships.  Having friends in your life who support you through thick and thin is wonderful and will have a huge impact on your life.

See, we told you that being single doesn’t mean life isn’t fulfilling.  As you can tell, there are many benefits of being single today.

If you’re tired of being single and are ready to find the partner of your dreams, contact our Irvine matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles in Orange County.  Fill out the private survey at the top of this page and reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with OC’s top matchmakers today!

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