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As an Irvine matchmaking service with over 30 years of experience in the Orange County dating industry, we know there are some major red flags women should keep an eye for in their relationship.

Every woman has to look out for her best interest in dating. When she’s in a new relationship, a girl tends to avoid any and all red flags like the plague. This can be very difficult to deal with as the relationship progresses.

She’s wearing her rose-colored glasses where everything he does is super cute, and everything he says makes him a genius. The intent of this article from our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles is to make sure that every lady keeps her eyes open and wits about her. Once those rose-colored glasses come off her face and she’s faced with the reality of her new relationship, she needs to be on full alert for red flags.

Today, our Irvine matchmaking service is going to reveal the things guys do that scare women away in a relationship.

1. Being Super Lazy

There’s nothing worse than being with a guy who is lazy. Laziness can play a major factor in your guy’s motivation. Maybe he doesn’t like getting out and doing new things or meeting new people, while you love doing those things. Perhaps you just can’t get him to meet you in the middle. If all he does is lay around all day or he won’t stop playing video games on the weekend, that’s a real issue. Or, heaven forbid, he doesn’t have a full-time job, maybe it’s time to reconsider your relationship.

2. Being Anti-social

If he was already an introvert before you got in a relationship with him, this is all on you.

But if he wasn’t and suddenly became ridiculously anti-social for no good reason, you might want to have a serious conversation with him. You need to figure out why he’s behaving that way with you. If your guy was just putting on a social butterfly show to impress you in the beginning, you need to find out. If you’re two polar opposites in your social lives, that’s going to be a serious issue for you down the road.

3. Getting Angry at Sporting Events

We have all witnessed this from time to time at a local football game or other sporting event where a dude gets crazy-angry at the fact that his team is losing. This is a huge turn off to see and makes the guy look like he needs to see a therapist. But since he isn’t your boyfriend, you don’t really care. But when it’s your own guy and he can’t seem to keep his cool, that’s an issue. Whether he’s watching his favorite football game at home or he’s out at a sporting event, you might be wondering what else he’ll easily lose his cool with. And we don’t blame you.

4. Not Being Able to Keep a Plant Alive

Of course, there’s a little learning to be done here before being able to keep a plant alive. We all want a boyfriend who is genuinely nurturing and kind. We want someone who loves all living things. Is that really asking for too much? We don’t think so.

If he’s genuinely trying to keep it alive but is super busy or forgets to water it on schedule, that’s one thing. However, if you get him a plant and he purposefully neglects it, that’s a different story. Why can’t he even try to keep this plant alive?

5. Poor Spending Habits

This is one of the biggest causes of divorce. Financial disagreements and issues are known for ending relationships. Does your guy burn through money like there’s no tomorrow? Is he always behind on his bills? How about hitting you up for loans? What’s he doing with his money? Is he making it and just not able to save it for the things he needs to pay? This is not only irresponsible, but it could mean there are bigger issues going on behind the scenes. What’s he spending his money on? Is he addicted to gambling?

There are a lot of relationship red flags women need to keep their eyes open for when dating someone. Do you notice any of these red flags with your guy? Don’t overlook them.

Tired of dating immature guys who don’t know how to handle a mature relationship? Contact our Irvine matchmaking service today and let us help you. Let our professional matchmakers introduce you to quality single men in Orange County who are fit to date and compatible with you.

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