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In the confusing and fast-paced age of dating apps and dating sites, you might get caught up in the online world and all the advice that’s floating around out there.

But with so much dating advice and relationship tips floating around in the online world, how can you know which is good and which isn’t?

Well, to help you out, we dug through the archives of the internet and found a few relationship rules you definitely need to ditch right now.

As a well-established Irvine matchmaking service with over 30 years in the business of love, we’re going to show you relationship rules you to stop using in your relationship.

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1. Relationships are built on compromises.

You and your partner will never be 100% on the same page all the time. That’s when old relationships textbooks tell you that compromising is the foundation of a solid relationship, but that’s not always true.

In reality, compromising refers to finding a middle ground that makes you and your partner happy. And it’s necessary when you and your partner disagree on something that is important.

Unfortunately, people nowadays take this advice way too far and believe they can save their relationship if they can compromise on their true values and personal goals to accommodate their partner’s wishes. And that’s where things can go bad quickly. If you don’t share the same values and goals in life, you’re just not compatible for the long term.

2. The one who is wrong needs to apologize first.

Nope. Don’t do this, even if you think your partner was being too demanding or was out of line. Trust us, making the fight a “me vs. you” scenario will play against both of you.

You might really think you are 100% right and they are 100% wrong, but the fact that you did not speak up and let them know you had a problem, which led to this blowout at a later date, is a sign that you are partially responsible for the outcome.

So instead of looking for an apology from your partner, see the situation as a potential challenge for both of you to overcome together, as a team, and apologize for your part in the problem.

3. Handle his ego with care.

Can we just get rid of this man-coddling advice now? Because the truth is, he is not a man if he needs you to be careful of his ego. He is still a little boy waiting for his mom to swoop in and take care of him. And you can’t save a relationship with a man-boy who doesn’t know how to be a grownup.

Real men don’t indulge in power plays with their partner. They know how to deal with arguments and conflicts. In fact, they will never feel emasculated by anything you do or say because they are already confident in who they are as a person.

4. Play hard to get.

Lady, we’re talking to you. Because we have been trained since a young age to play hard to get in order to get the guy we want.

And while this great advice works great when you’re just starting to date someone, once you are in a committed relationship, if you continue to behave this way, he will soon get tired of these games and walk away.

If you’re guilty of using any of these relationship rules, we encourage you to ditch them and save your relationship today.

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