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You’ve been seeing each other for a very long time. You love each other like they do in the movies. He is perfect for you, and you’re perfect for him. But just like any woman, you can’t help but to get excited at the thought of walking down the aisle. It is clear that you’re ready to get married, but is he?

Take a deep breath, everything will be okay. The two of you have a successful relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. Take this opportunity to enjoy the last few moments before getting married. Trust us, even the happiest marriages look back on times when they were just getting together and everything was simple.

We know that waiting for that moment can be agonizing. It can be hard not knowing if the man you’re dating will ever pop the big question. It’s hard not knowing if you will eventually walk down the aisle.

Don’t worry, our Irvine upscale matchmakers have a few signs that will let you know he is definitely going to marry you. This will certainly help put your mind at ease. If the man you’re dating really loves you, he will certainly drop these hints and eventually drop down to one knee.

So get ready, because today our Irvine upscale matchmakers will show you whether or not the man you’re seeing will eventually pop the question.

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He invites you to family events.

Being able to get along with his family is very important if you’re going to get married. After all, everyone knows how wives and in-laws don’t get along. But if he is already inviting you to family get togethers and everything is going fine, then he is clearly on the path to marriage.

This can mean a few things. For one, it might mean that he wants to see how you interact and get along with his beloved family. He is trying to gauge the relationship you will have down the road. For a man, taking a woman to see his family is a very huge step and an indicator that things are going in the right direction.

If he is inviting you to family events, he already considers you to be a part of the family, which is wonderful news for you. This is a huge step to take—and something you should not take for granted. You should feel proud to be invited to go see his family.

His friends are getting married.

You know what they say, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Well, the same rule applies to men. It’s true, they tend to follow what their friends are doing.

It’s no secret that we all spend a lot of time scrolling down through our social media accounts, and when doing so, we get bombarded with pictures and posts of friends getting engaged or married. Chances are your boyfriend is feeling under pressure to keep up and pop the question.

Granted, getting married just to keep up isn’t a reason to get married. But our Irvine upscale matchmakers know it will set a good example and push your boyfriend in the right direction… Sort of like keeping up with the Joneses.

Your boyfriend might feel a little jealous or envious that all his friends are getting married, which might make him realize he’s ready for the next step too.

You can also talk to him about your friends getting married, which will take the stakes up a notch. You can show him pictures of your coworker’s weddings and let him see how happy they are now too.

He has become touchy-feely.

Has your boyfriend become a little touchy-feely lately? Has he started posting romantic posts on Facebook? Does everything revolve around romance? Has he been doing super sweet things to put a smile on your face? Well, this touchy-feely attitude isn’t for no reason… It might mean he wants to marry you.

Romance has a funny way of creeping up when a man wants to take things to the next level… And it could mean he might pop the question soon.

Of course being touchy-feely doesn’t mean he is going to marry you, but it’s sure something to keep an eye for. If your boyfriend has been eager to snuggle and cuddle with you, more so than usual, it might mean he is ready to marry you.

He wants to go on a vacation.

Has your boyfriend been talking about a vacation lately? Has he mentioned a specific place he wants to take you? Of course going on vacation doesn’t mean he is going to pop the question, but there is a good possibility he will.

That being said, men are known for popping the question when they go on vacation. If he can’t stop talking about a trip to an exotic destination, then it might be a sign he is ready to pop the question.

Taking a vacation is an adventure, just like marriage. Don’t be surprised if that trip to Dubai ends up being the trip he drops to one knee.

Last Words…

Marriage is such a big step to take. It is nothing to joke around about. The signs mentioned above are signs he’s ready to drop to one knee. Now, all men are different, and they all take a different amount of time in dating. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because he hasn’t dropped to one knee yet. He might be waiting for the perfect time and circumstance to pop the question and give you the perfect proposal he knows you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.

If you’re looking for love in Orange County, contact our expert matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles who are looking for a serious and committed relationship.

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