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Does it feel like your man is pulling away? Is your relationship on the rocks? Are you afraid it’s going to end soon? Let our Orange County personal matchmakers guide you through everything you must do to save your relationship.

There are times when a relationship just comes to an end, but there are also times you can catch it and do something to save it. We know there are usually telltale signs that will let you know your relationship has hit the rocks and your man is about to give up and throw in the towel.

Maybe he doesn’t tell you he loves you anymore, maybe he is putting in an awful lot of time at the office, or maybe he spends more time with his friends than ever before, but before your relationship ends, keep an eye for these warning signs and use these tips from our Orange County personal matchmakers to save what your failing relationship.


1. Determine the Problem at Hand

The first thing you need to figure out is why your man has given up on the relationship. Maybe there are certain things in the relationship that need to be worked on, by you, by him, or both of you. But you cannot fix these thing if you don’t know what they are.

Sit down and talk to your boyfriend about it, and find out what is causing the issue. And more importantly, find out why he feels this way. Listen to what he has to say and come up with a solution to the problem.

2. Argue Less Often

Many men give up on their girlfriends because they’re constantly picking fights with them over little things. Many women argue over nothing because it relieves stress from their day, but trust us, this isn’t healthy for the relationship. Not only should you never take your bad mood out on him, but you should learn to pick your battles wisely; otherwise, you might come home to an empty house.

3. Step Out of Your Routine

Another thing you might want to do when you notice he’s giving up on you is break out of your routine. Our Orange County personal matchmakers encourage you to take on a hobby, take a vacation, or do whatever it is you need to do to break out of your daily routines. Sometimes, even a little bit of time away from each other is all you need, but getting away together can also make things better for some couples. Decide which it is that you and your partner need and get to it.

4. Dress Better

Of course getting into a relationship is about being comfortable with each other, but if your relationship is in a slump, then maybe it’s time for you to remind him just how beautiful you are.

Dress to impress and look good, even if it’s just to go grab coffee with him. Put more efforts into your appearance and it will work in your favor and improve your relationship. Your man will appreciate the efforts you’re putting into your looks and he’ll remember why he fell in love with you in the first place.

5. Show Him What He Means to You

Most people tell their partners what they mean to them but do nothing to show them. You have to show your man how much you appreciate him. Listen to him and do the things he enjoys doing. You should also try doing something he always wanted to do, even if it’s not something you particularly favor. Show him you’re willing to compromise in the relationship.

6. Start Dating Again

We bet you haven’t been on a real date in a long time (and ordering a large pizza in your sweatpants does not count as a real date). Our Orange County personal matchmakers suggest you make dinner reservations for two, get dressed up, and go out on a proper date (yes, to a real restaurant). Honestly, daily routines are one of the main reasons men get bored in relationships. Break free and spice things up!

7. Be Happy When You’re Together

Another reason men give up on their girlfriends is because when they are with them they never seem happy. Even if you’re not happy with your weight, your work, or something else that’s driving you crazy, your man will think it’s all about him.

It is essential you try to be in a good mood when you’re around him and show him you’re happy to be in his presence. Our Orange County personal matchmakers encourage you to show him that he makes you happy, no matter what else is going on in your life. If your man doesn’t think he’s making you happy, he’ll find another woman he can make happy.

8. Make Love Again

Make love to your boyfriend, and no, we don’t just mean sex. We mean make love! Touch him, explore each other, and be sensual. There is a big difference between making love and having sex, and that’s something you need to understand if you want to make your relationship work.

9. Make Sure He’s Also Working on the Relationship

One of the most important things you need to do when your man is giving up on the relationship, and you are working to bring it back, is to make sure both of you are putting efforts into saving the relationship. It really takes two people to tango, trust us, you cannot make a relationship successful all by yourself.

Your boyfriend has to show that he also wants the relationship to be successful. Only then will the relationship be safe. The combined efforts from both of you will help when he is starting to give up. After all, it doesn’t matter how much you try, if he doesn’t want the relationship to be saved, you’ll never save it.
If you feel your man has been pulling away from you lately, be sure to use these helpful tips from our Orange County personal matchmakers to your advantage and do whatever it takes to save your relationship.

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