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Couple embracing each otherAre you one of the thousands of single women who’s looking for love in Orange County? Do you think you finally found out? Read on and find out with our Laguna Beach matchmakers!

There is this idea that all men are commitment phobes. The second a guy hesitates about his true feelings for a girl, he’s known as a commitment phobe. But that’s not really the true. Most guys are not afraid of commitment. Some guys do want to commit and settle down in a relationship.

Want to know if the new guy in your life is looking for commitment?

Let our Laguna Beach matchmakers show you the top signs he’s ready to commit to you. Ooh, how exciting!

1. He doesn’t hide his feelings and emotions.

If your man is acting like an open book to you, then he’s probably completely into you and wants to date you. He isn’t scared to be himself and feels like he can really trust you with his past and present. There is no point in sticking around with a guy who can’t express his true feelings.

A relationship can only last if both people are completely transparent with each other. If you’re getting the feeling that your man isn’t comfortable opening up to you, then he probably isn’t ready to settle down yet. Instead, take some more time getting to know each other better. If you’re getting the feeling like you him completely, then he’s definitely worth keeping.

2. He jokes about marriage.

It’s a major step for a guy to talk about marriage because, as we all know, it is a hot topic. You know that he is completely into you if he’s already talking about marriage. Even if he only brings it up in a joking way, that’s still huge and says a lot about his intentions.

This means that the thought of marriage has definitely crossed his mind. More importantly, he actually sees a future with you. While it might be a little too early to get married, you at least know that he doesn’t mind getting married down the road. Your lover is more than willing to see where your relationship might go.

3. He plans vacations together.

Whether these vacations actually happen or not isn’t what matters. The fact that your new love interest is already talking about the future together is what matters here. He doesn’t see your little romance as a passing fling or casual relationship. Instead, he sees it as the real deal. While it might not happen in the near future, he has already thought about going on a vacation together.

This also means that your man wants to travel the world together. We can’t imagine anything more romantic than that. This is also a great sign that your new love interest is willing to spend quality time together. Rather than just running around with the guys, he’s looking forward to getting away with you.

4. He can be his true self.

When your man feels like he can be his true self, then you’ve reached a good point in the relationship. There is no point in stressing over things here. He’s definitely looking to commit to you.

He doesn’t have to put on a mask to impress you. Instead, he can be his true self and know that you’ll love him for it.

5. He introduces you to friends and family.

If your guy has talked about introducing you to his friends – or better yet, family – then you can rest assured he’s not planning on bolting on you. And if you’ve been lucky enough to have already met them, then a big congrats to you. This guy isn’t going anywhere. Now you can stop worrying and enjoy knowing you’re in a secure relationship.

It’s not hard to know when a guy is serious about you. You just have to know the signs he’s ready to commit.

Are you struggling to meet the right guys on your own? Do you keep meeting guys who aren’t serious about dating?

If you’re ready to meet guys who are looking for a committed relationship, let us help. Let our team of Laguna Beach matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded single men in Orange County today.

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