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All women look for a few romantic gestures to do for their man from time to time, but we know there are sweet things you can do for your man any time you want to put a smile on his face. Today, our Orange County matchmakers will review romantic gestures you can do for your boyfriend, all that will show him how much you care for and adore him.


Thoughtful Gestures to Do for Your Boyfriend

When you think of romantic gestures, you don’t necessarily have to do cheesy things like hire a mariachi to serenade him. There are many things you can do for your boyfriend that don’t scream cheesy. You need to think about his needs and the things he likes, and based on that, you can decide what you can do to let him know how much you care.

There are plenty of small things that you might even enjoy as well. If you like getting served breakfast in bed, then he might like it too. If you appreciate when he brings you your favorite candy bar after work, then he will too. Small or not, these are thoughtful things that let him know you care. Have fun and get creative and your boyfriend will definitely appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Today, our Orange County matchmakers will review romantic gestures you can do for your boyfriend. This will make his day better; plus, it will let him know how much he means to you.

So which romantic gestures work best on men?

1. Give Him a Full Body Massage

Although you might be thinking that it takes something big to let him know you care, it really doesn’t. Our Orange County matchmakers know that a small gesture like a massage can have a big effect. You can rest assured there is nothing better than getting a relaxing massage after a long day at the office.

You can give him a massage at any given time; there isn’t a need for a special occasion. If you really want to be effective, go ahead and look up some YouTube tutorials. Learning some new techniques might really get the kinks out and help him relax. And who knows, he might repay the favor when you are tired and feeling stressed. What goes around comes back around.

2. Stock the House Up

If the two of you live together it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always going to be there to make dinner after work. Late nights in the office, business trips, or even just happy hours with the girls can leave your man fending for himself. When it comes to thinking of romantic things to do, our Orange County matchmakers have an idea you might not have considered. If you know you’re going to have a long week at work, after office outings, or a business trip, go ahead and stock the fridge with his favorite home cooked meals.

This romantic gesture is something he will never see coming, and that is why it made it to our top romantic gestures list. As an added bonus, this will ensure he eats healthy while you’re gone. This sweet gesture shows him how much you care for him, even when you’re not there.

3. Men Can’t Get Enough Food

And while we’re on the subject of food, you already know how much men love their pizzas and burgers, right? Well, if you are looking for a romantic thing to do, then food is something you need to consider. And what better than a homemade pizza or a big homemade burger?

This is something he’ll never see coming, especially if he’s not used to you doing much cooking. Trust us, he’ll surely enjoy every bite.

4. Do Something When He’s Low on Funds

Let’s face it, anyone can be low on funds at any given point in life. And when this happens, you don’t want to pity him. Instead, you want to be there to help him.

If you know he lost a big sale at work and he’s running low on funds, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to do something nice for him. If you know he can’t afford his cleaning lady this month, go ahead and surprise him by doing his laundry and cleaning his condo to help him out. Or, you can stock up his pantry with some of his favorites. You can rest assured that this will make him feel a lot better than if you were just to take him out for lunch. This is a great way to help him without emasculating him.

5. Bake Him a Cake

Now, we’re not just referring to any type of cake here. Don’t just whip together a plain old boxed cake. Get fun, get creative, and get personal. If you know how much your man loves golf, then make him a cake that revolves around golf. You can even go online and get some ideas. This will surely be something he loves and appreciates, especially because you are the one who prepared it for him.

6. Hold Hands

Our Orange County matchmakers know that sometimes you don’t have to say a word to let him know how much you care. One of the simplest romantic gestures out there is handholding. This intimate gesture will give him reassurance and let him know how much you care.

7. Prepare Him a Home Cooked Meal

Although you might think this is an outdated romantic gesture, and that it’s something your mother used to do for your father, you can rest assured your boyfriend will love it just as much.

He might be sick and tired of the food they sell at his work or maybe he’s tired of sandwiches and chips every day, but whatever the case, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise him with something new? Every man likes coming home to a home cooked meal, especially when it’s made by the person he loves the most.

You can be sure he’ll remember these romantic gestures for a very long time. Don’t think it takes a lot of money or hassle to show your man you care. As you can tell, it’s the small things that matter the most.

For more dating and relationship advice from our Orange County matchmakers, be sure to check out our dating blog!

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