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Getting through a breakup is never easy. After the loss of your relationship, the one you thought would never end, you’re probably wondering how you’ll ever get out of bed and face the world again. You are probably wondering how you’re going to make it through life or even thinking there’s no point in living. Our Orange County Singles dating coaches know these are all very common thoughts that go through a person’s mind when experiencing a breakup.

It is understandable that you’re feeling depressed, hopeless, and resentful after your split, but we are here to tell you one thing: life goes on. Now, it is up to you to get with it or get stuck.

Are you looking for tips to mend your broken heart? Our Orange County Singles dating coaches will show you simple steps to get over your breakup and move on with your life.

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1. Create a Challenge for Your Life

Many people out there will tell you the best way to get over a partner is to find another relationship; however, we couldn’t disagree more. If you want a healthy way to get over your ex, then you need to find something to do, something other than dating. The best thing you can do right now is give yourself a new challenge. However, there are two rules to this.

  • It must be something you enjoy doing.
  • It should give you a sense of achievement when you complete it.

For example, if you like working out, then your challenge will be to work out daily until you get in tiptop shape. Or if you like cooking, then challenge yourself to prepare healthy meals every day, new dishes you’ve never made before. Giving yourself a new challenge will keep your mind occupied from thinking about the breakup and your ex.

2. Start a New Hobby

Getting over a failed relationship is all about being distracted. You need to keep busy and find something to devote your time to. Not only will this help you learn a new skill and occupy your time, but it will help you meet new people.

After a breakup it’s important to move in the opposite direction of your ex, but it is difficult to move on if you have the same group of friends and are always frequenting the same places. A new hobby will open your eyes to new possibilities and expand your social life.

Here are a few ideas…

  • If you like crafting, there are many shops that host craft classes. Maybe you’ll meet new friends and have something to occupy your time. Are you into reading? Sign up for a local book club.
  • Practice a new sport, something that will keep you occupied while getting in shape. Keeping active during your breakup is essential because it will help you clear your mind. It will also burn all those extra calories you may have been consuming from pizza and ice-cream the first few days after the split.
  • Volunteering during your spare time will take your mind off your personal problems. There are plenty animal shelters, charity events, soup kitchens, and children’s hospitals in Orange County who are always in need of a helping hand. Being useful to others will give you the perspective to stop feeling sorry for yourself and make you realize there are bigger problems out there.

3. Rekindle Old Friendships

Both men and women are guilty of losing friends once they get into a relationship, and it is quite natural to spend all your time with your partner. If you were guilty neglecting friendships, now is the perfect time to rekindle them.

Putting your time and energy into your friends is a good distraction and it will provide you a good support system to help you through this breakup. Your friends will make you feel stronger and help you realize you’re still loved.

Here are some ideas to do with your friends…

  • Organize a guys’ or girls’ night out. It will be fun to go out and hit the town with your friends, especially since you haven’t been out for a while. Not fond of going out? Invite your friends over to your place, order a few pizzas, and have some wine or beer. It is good to socialize with your friends and share a few giggles together.
  • Go on a shopping spree with your gal pals. There is nothing better than a little retail therapy; however, make sure you don’t go over your limit and spend too much.

4. Read New Books

It’s not uncommon to find yourself laying around doing absolutely nothing the first few days after a breakup, but you don’t want to stay down too long. Now that you have extra time on your hands, catch up on reading some good books. Choose something you normally wouldn’t go for, but stay clear of romance. Go for something more interesting like crime thrillers, horrors, or fantasy series. The more you get into a book, the more distracted you’ll be from thinking about your ex, and this is especially true at night.

5. Do Something Nice for Yourself

When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? When was the last time you did something for yourself? It has probably been a while since you pampered yourself, but now that you’re single, it’s the best time to do that. Indulge in a day at the spa, get yourself that mani and pedi, or go for a new hairstyle. Guys, you can indulge in a little retail therapy yourself. There is nothing like doing something just for yourself once in a while.

The longer you dwell on your failed relationship the longer you’ll be stuck in the past. Don’t let misery take over you. It is important to get on with your life and keep moving. When you are healed from your failed relationship and ready to move on with your love life, contact our Orange County Singles dating coaches and let us introduce you to quality singles who are also relationship-ready and eager to welcome love!

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