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One thing you never hear a man say is: “When will she commit to me?” Really, it just never happens. Questions and uncertainties in the dating world are usually felt by women. As the leading OC matchmakers, we know there are many women in Orange County who just don’t understand why men won’t commit to them. And that’s the reason you’re here today, right?

Does he like me? Is he serious about me? Will he ever commit to me? Trust us, we get it. We understand how you feel right now, but it’s not your fault. It takes a lot for men to grow up, mature, and understand the value of a committed relationship. Today, our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show you why single men in Irvine are afraid to commit.

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1. He has no desire to settle down.

Sure, there are many single men in Irvine who love the whole bachelor thing a little too much, and some like it so much that they don’t ever want to change it. Yep, there are a lot of guys out there who want nothing to do with commitment, marriage, nor children. They don’t think they’re cut out for a relationship, and that’s okay, but you need to know this right away before you invest your time with this type of guy.

You need to understand that you can’t change someone else’s feelings, nor push the idea of commitment to him. If he tells you that commitment is not for him, listen to him. You need to accept the fact that you can’t change him. Some men are not meant to settle down, but it’s better to find out now so you have more time to explore your options and find a man who is looking for a committed relationship.

2. He might not be into you.

Does he only come around at night? Do dates usually end in his bedroom or yours? Well, chances are you’re only a hookup to him. Look, here’s the deal: if he won’t commit to a serious relationship with you, chances are he’s not that into you. He is taking advantage of you and only using you for his own benefit.

Men who won’t commit are known for being shady. He might flatter you, but if things always end up in the bedroom, then that’s all he really cares for. Don’t be that woman who puts up with it because you deserve a lot more from a man.

3. He has other priorities right now.

The man you’re seeing might be a super busy guy who is concentrating on his career, so much so that he doesn’t have time to think about settling down. The truth is, he’s putting other things ahead of you. He might be laser-focused on climbing up the career ladder, advancing in his schooling, or opening up a new business, so much so that he doesn’t have enough time for a real girlfriend.

Sure, you might have the best chemistry in the world, but if he is choosing other things ahead of you, then you know where you stand. He has other things in his life that are more important than you right now. Maybe he’ll commit to you one day, but he has other priorities right now. Ladies, you deserve to be with a man who makes you his number one priority, not someone who sees you as an option.

4. He’s been hurt in the past.

Relationships can be a scary thing, and letting your guard down for someone can make you scared to do it again. If he is giving you signs he is not ready to commit to you, one of his previous relationships might be to blame. Of course, everyone has had their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to dating, but some people take breakups much harder. Have you ever talked to him about his previous relationships? This conversation can shed light on why he’s afraid of commitment.

His ex could have cheated on him with his best friend, which destroyed his heart and made him afraid to trust again. Or maybe he had an ex-girlfriend who drained him monetarily and he’s just looking to protect himself from getting taken advantage of again. In time he’ll be able to get over this, but he’s still scarred right now.

5. He’s still immature.

We all know that women mature faster than men. Women have the desire to settle down a lot sooner than men do. By the time you hit twenty, you were probably looking for a relationship, thinking about your wedding day, and even fantasizing about your honeymoon. Men, on the other hand, have a completely different idea. Guys move at a slower pace, so when he was twenty, he was still thinking about partying. Heck, he might still be thinking about partying right now.

As matchmakers, we know firsthand that many single men in Irvine won’t start thinking about settling down until they’ve had their fair share of playing the field. He might want to enjoy his single life to the fullest. He might be old enough to have a job, a car payment, and a house, but when it comes to relationships, he’s not ready to be committed yet. If he isn’t mature enough or capable of having a serious girlfriend, then you need to show him where the door is. He is definitely not the right guy for you.

When it comes to commitment, some men like to commit while others don’t. If the man you’re seeing doesn’t want to commit to you, our OC matchmakers know there is absolutely nothing you can do to change his mind.

What you can do is contact our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service and let us introduce you to commitment-minded single men in Irvine who are looking for a woman like you. Simply fill out the private questionnaire at the top of the page to reserve your 90 minute (FREE) matchmaking consultation and join OC’s #1 matchmaking service today!

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