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Finding love is something nearly every woman wants, but from reverse psychology to setting traps, some women’s methods of getting a man are weird and downright crazy. Over the decades, men have certainly evolved and become hip to what women will do for a man’s attention. They know what works and what doesn’t. To help you avoid making a fool of yourself on your search for love, Orange County dating gurus want to lend you a little dating and relationship advice.

Ladies, men are no longer living cluelessly in the dating world. They know the games women play. They still love the chase, but they are not as determined as they once were. When a man thinks he doesn’t have a chance with a woman, he will back off forever.

Why would they think that? Because you assume that by making them beg and work for you that they’re going to continue with it forever?

Men are not into playing games. Why do you think there are so many divorces? People in today’s dating scene are fed up with dating games, especially men.

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What Are Some of The Things Women Do Wrong on Their Quest to Land a Man?

Women think these things are effective and will work on their quest of getting a man. But just because it worked in the past doesn’t mean it works today. Men are aware of the games women play, and they’re refusing to deal with it anymore. If you want to land a man, someone relationship-minded, avoid the methods listed below.

1. Reverse Psychology

Admit it, you do this all the time with men. You think your tone is able to get through. You think the context is obvious and your intentions are clear when they’re really not.

Men are simple beings who prefer you to come straight out and tell them what you’re thinking. Most women think that admitting what they’re saying shows weakness, but that’s not the case. Be honest and open with men if you want to ensure success.

2. Playing Hard to Get

Our Orange County dating gurus know this method works in some scenarios because some men love the idea of the chase and working hard to get a woman, but beware because other men could care less. Being a little reserved and mysterious is great in the beginning, but the problem starts when you go over the limit and try to get a man to prove he’s worthy.

When you reject him, he will retaliate by taking you seriously. In other words, he won’t play hard like you expect—he’s just going to leave. There is only so much rejection a man can handle before he throws in the towel and walks away.

3. Creating Traps

If you think that by setting traps you’re going to get a man to prove his worth, you’re all wrong because men don’t see it that way. He will resent you once he finds out that you have been setting him up. There are numerous examples of this type of activity, but the one that comes to mind is when a woman tricks a man into cheating. Yes, it works great to weed out bad guys, but our Orange County dating gurus know that doing this to a decent man could ruin your relationship forever. Ladies, stay away from setting traps.

4. Making Them Wait

Men don’t get any better just because you make them wait for your call or text to arrive. Making them wait is an example of you manipulating them. The only person losing in this is you. Not only do you annoy that man who liked you, but you also wasted precious time when the two of you could have been getting to know each other.

5. Playing the Testing Game

Expecting a man to do something he’s unaware that he’s supposed to do is not going to make him like you any faster. You might have been led to believe that men must go out of their way to please you, but that will not be the case when it’s obvious you are testing him. Listen, men don’t like being manipulated. It makes them feel inferior and puts you in a bad light.

6. Having a Different Persona

When you hear him say he likes a specific type of woman, please, our Orange County dating gurus beg you not to go out of your way to mold yourself into that type of woman. There is only so much pretending you can do, and sooner or later, he will discover who you really are. When that happens, rest assured that you’re going to lose him for good.

7. Dressing like Someone Else

Whether you’re conservative or not, you should dress in a way that fits your style. Don’t ever adjust your personal style into what the media tells you men like. Men will see right away when you are dressing out of your comfort zone. Please, wear whatever you like, as long as it is your own style.

8. Pretending to Have the Same Interests

If he likes sports and you’re not into them, don’t try to act like you’re a sports fanatic. You can politely comment and let him know you are not into sports, trust us, he will appreciate that much more than having you act like you’re a diehard fan.

Guys are very into their interests, and when they see someone trying to mold themselves to fit that world, it doesn’t go over well. They will quiz you and the façade will end. They don’t care if you’re not into sports, just don’t pretend you’re into them.

Now that you know eight things you should never do in attempts to get a man, you can now begin your search of finding Mr. Right, without playing games of course. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are, because men appreciate honesty.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in Orange County, contact our matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service today. Let us give you the dating coaching and support you need to find the man of your dreams!


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