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So there’s a guy at the office where you work, and the two of you were introduced by a friend. After saying hi to each other, you each went off to do your jobs. In the middle of the day, you get a message from him asking if you want to have lunch. There’s nothing wrong with it, so you agree to his invite.

From that day on, the two of you become inseparable. You leave the office at the same time, you grab lunch and take coffee breaks together, and you call and text each other throughout the day. You might say that he’s just your friend, but the truth is you’re having an emotional affair.

If you’re not convinced just yet, let our Orange County dating service show you the top warning signs you’re having an emotional affair without even knowing it.

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1. You spend more time with him than your partner.

Let’s face it, you work eight hours a day, so add in the time you spend commuting back and forth and you’re up to ten hours a day. You have approximately fourteen hours left to spend with your partner, which isn’t really that much because you have to sleep, eat, and take care of everyday responsibilities. So ask yourself, who do you spend more time with?

2. You think he gets you.

Because you and your special friend at work can talk about anything under the sun, you think he gets you more than your partner. Because of this, you crave his attention and go to him for everything. You confide in him more than you do your own partner. This is another warning sign you’re having an emotional affair. Step back while you still can.

3. You look forward to spending time with him.

You just got home from work and can’t wait to go to sleep so you can wake up and get back to the office—all so you can see your special friend again. If you’re always excited to see him, it means you’re already emotionally attached to him. This is more than a friendship—you’re having an emotional affair. And whether you admit it or not, this is a huge red flag you’re already cheating on your partner.

4. He’s the first person you go to when you have problems.

So you just had a fight with your boyfriend, and who do you go to? Your special friend at work. It seems harmless on the surface, but it’s not. You’re venting to your new crush.

While it’s okay to share some information with him, sharing your relationship troubles exposes your relationship and makes it more vulnerable than it already is. Instead of going to him, go to a trusted friend or family member. This way you can prevent yourself from falling deeper into an emotional affair.

5. You go to him when you achieve milestones.

The team you’re on smashed the goal for the month, so who do you run to with your great news? Not your partner but your special friend. Instead of calling your partner and telling them the big news, you decide that it’s okay to go to your special friend. If you would rather celebrate it with him, this is a clear sign you’ve already delved into an emotional affair.

6. You hide this friendship from your partner.

You know that this isn’t just a friendship, so you start lying to your boyfriend in order to keep it hidden. You’re already deleting text messages, your call history, and the email conversations. You already know it’s more than friendship; otherwise, why would you be deleting messages? If you deliberately lied to your partner to prevent him from knowing who your special friend is, that’s a clear sign you’re having an emotional affair.

It’s never too late to get out of an emotional affair. Talk to your trusted friends, family, or even a counselor. Get help while you can so you can save your relationship.

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