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It’s funny to look back at pictures from years ago (we know you’re giggling just thinking about some of your old photos). We know you probably never be caught wearing the same clothes, shoes, or hairstyle, and it’s even harder to imagine how you landed so many dates back then, but you did.

When we think about our first love, or our first heartbreak, we tend to laugh at it and think back to how dramatic we were. When you were younger, you probably thought you had the whole world figured out and knew what the future would hold.

But if you survived your twenties and are now living in the real world, you probably can’t help to laugh about how naïve you used to be and how much you changed for the better.

When you were in your twenties, you were growing up, learning how to be independent, and growing your wings. It was a time when you were exploring new things and figuring out what you liked and disliked.

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The Difference between Dating in Your 20’s & Dating Today

If you think that nothing has changed between your twenties and thirties, you’re wrong. Our Orange County dating and relationship experts know a lot of things have changed, especially in your romantic life.

1. Accessibility to Dates

When you were in your younger college years, you were surrounded by a lot of people your own age. It’s wasn’t hard to meet people because the dating pool was huge and everyone is looking for dates (and all with a lot less baggage). This is something many people take for granted and don’t realize until they’re in their thirties.

When you’re no longer in college, you no longer have that easy access to mounds of people your age. Now, we know you may find it much harder to meet people your age.

2. Dates

Back in your college years, if someone invited you to a formal or to their house, it meant they liked you and was considered a date. But now that you’re in your thirties, those college parties are gone. You are no longer associated with a fraternity or sorority, now a date means going out to dinner, being picked up instead of walking across campus. Our Orange County dating and relationship experts know this formality makes everything more stressful.

3. There Were Roommates

It was pretty normal to have roommates back in your college years. You wouldn’t even think twice about seeing other people when going to your date’s house. But now that you’re in your thirties, seeing someone with roommates will send a few red flags up. You may classify your date as being immature or not having their life together.

4. Drinking

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of champagne, whisky, or beer? Back in your college years, drinking was considered an everyday thing, but now that you’re in your thirties, drinking all the time is no longer as acceptable. It was cool to see people do keg stands back in those college years, but now, seeing someone intoxicated is a huge turn off.

Back in your college years, you could take a headache pill and your hangover was gone. But now that you’re in your thirties, those nasty hangovers can last a few days. And let’s face it, you can’t show up to work looking like you partied the night before.

5. Having a Career

Back in your college years you didn’t expect your partner to have a real job, and it was normal if they only worked a part-time job. This was acceptable because the two of you were in college, working to get a degree and land your perfect job.

But now that you’re in your thirties, you’re already working a steady job. It’s true that you might be a little forgiving because of the current job situation, but dating someone who doesn’t have a job is definitely a huge turn off.

6. Financial Independence

When you were in your college years, you may have depended on your parents to help you cover your finances. You didn’t want to see yourself as an adult just yet, especially when it came to the financial department. So it also goes without saying that you probably didn’t think twice at the financial situation of the person you were dating either.

But our Orange County dating and relationship experts know that now that you’re in your thirties, seeing your partner relying on mommy and daddy to cover their bills is a huge turn off. No one likes to date a partner who is a couch surfer or cannot provide for themselves. Every date with them will feel like their parents are paying for it, and no one wants that.

The real world will give you a dose of reality, especially when it comes to the dating department. Now that you are mature, you don’t have access to all the people you did when you were younger, and you no longer know that you have things in common with someone just because they chose the same major as you. Dating as a mature person is completely different than dating in your younger days. As you can tell, it is much more complicated now.

Though you might not notice it, your dating standards, beliefs, and even preferences have changed dramatically since you left your college years. Now that you’re mature, you want something better out of life, and that means a better partner too. We know you deserve someone who is ready for a committed relationship. If you are tired of dealing with current day dating challenges and exhausted from looking on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service today and we’ll help you find the partner you deserve. We do the hard work of scouting and vetting for you, leaving you to enjoy the fun part of dating!

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