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Does your partner think you’re super affectionate and attentive in the relationship? Or do they think you’re needy and clingy? If they secretly, or not so secretly, call you “Stage 5 Clinger,” then you have a major issue on your hands.

And if that’s the case, we’ve got your solution. As the best Orange County matchmaking service, we’ve seen it many times before. People, women especially, become so clingy in their relationships that they end up pushing their partners away. But fret not, because we’re here to share our expert dating and relationship tips to ensure you don’t smother your partner and lose your relationship.

It’s natural to want to be around your partner all the time, especially in the beginning stages when you crave that security. But if you want to ensure that you foster a happy and healthy relationship that lasts, you need to find a healthy balance between being there and being suffocating.

That’s right, it’s time you learn when and how to show your affection and when to give them some personal space.

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1. It All Begins with You

That’s right, you’re the one who acts this way, and you do it because of you – not them. You don’t cling onto them because they behave a certain way. You cling onto them for a couple of reasons. One, you’re giddy and want to spend all your time with them. Two, because you’re insecure and/or scared of losing them.

And the first step in learning how to be less clingy is realizing why you’re acting so needy.

2. Actually Believe That You Are Clingy

Whether your partner has mentioned it or your friends and coworkers have made a few snide remarks about how you can never make plans because you always have to be by your partner’s side, you’re here reading this today because you’re starting to think you “might” be clingy. But you’re not totally convinced yet.

Well, in order to make changes and stop being so clingy, you have to actually believe that you are clingy. Believe and accept that you’re clingy and realize you need to make some changes, STAT!

3. It Begins with Your Self-Confidence

The number one reason people are clingy is because they’re scared of losing their partners. Why are they scared? Because they let their own thoughts, insecurities, and fears take over and get the best of them.

So how can you overcome these fears? By working on improving your self-confidence. Start being more independent and doing things outside of your relationship. Whether you start doing more social activities with friends, family, and coworkers or you start hitting the gym and participating in solo activities, it doesn’t really matter. The whole point is to do things without your partner. The only way you can beat your clingy behavior is to start living your own life and giving your partner space to live theirs.

4. Work on Trust Issues

Do you have trust issues? Do you fear losing them? Do you fear they’ll cheat on you or betray you in some other way, such as walking away from the relationship? If you want to stop being so clingy, it’s vital you fully learn to trust them. Whether it’s becoming more secure in yourself and the relationship on your own or by talking to them about issues that are bothering you.

5. Talk It Out Together

Whether they’ve made remarks about your clinginess or you just want to talk to them and make sure you’re promoting a healthy and happy relationship from here on out, sit down and talk to them about the relationship. Find out what your clingy behaviors are and set sound boundaries. They might be relieved to have this conversation because they might have been too afraid to tell you that they have been craving some alone time or time to themselves to spend with friends. Talking about the issues honestly and coming up with solutions together will promote stability and trust in your relationship.

Now that our Orange County matchmaking service has shared expert relationship advice with you on how to be less clingy, it’s time you put these tips to good use and start giving yourself and your partner the time and space you need for a happy and healthy relationship.

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