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Are you letting your jealousy get the best of you? Today, our Orange County upscale matchmaking service will teach you how to stop treating your boyfriend like he is your property and go back to being the perfect girlfriend you once were when you began dating him.

Jealousy is one of the biggest problems in a relationship. It can take a classy woman like yourself and turn you into the worst girlfriend there ever was. Often times, those who suffer from the green-eyed monster have no idea they are actually a victim of jealousy.

It could be the way you were raised or because of insecurities you have, but regardless of your reasons, many people suffer from being too possessive in their relationships, and in turn, those relationships crumble.

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How to Stop Being So Possessive in Your Relationship

So what can you do when you feel like you have crossed the line and become too possessive? Our Orange County upscale matchmaking service will show you what you need to do to regain control and make your relationship a happy and healthy one once again.

1. Have a Talk with Your Boyfriend

You need to have an honest and open talk with your boyfriend about what you’re doing. If you truly love him and understand that you have crossed the line and are being too possessive, go ahead and tell him. Your partner will be more understanding with you if you are honest and acknowledge that what you’re doing is wrong.

Often times, the problem with being too possessive has to do with past issues. If you don’t trust your partner but are deeply in love with him, you’re going to feel weird about having him surrounded by the opposite sex, and understandably, you will want to be possessive of him. You need to be completely honest and open with him if you want to fix this problem and have your relationship be successful and happy like it once was.

2. If He Cheats, You Cannot Stop Him

This one can be hard to swallow, but if your jealousy has now moved to the point that you are very possessive, then you need to understand one thing, there is nothing you can do to prevent a man from cheating if he wants to cheat.

If a man wants to cheat, he’ll find a way to do it. It doesn’t matter how much snooping you do, he is either going to be a good partner to you or he’s not. You need to acknowledge this fact, and as terrifying as it might be, you can let go of your anxiety by understanding that you can’t stop him if he wants to stray.

You need to remember that all relationships involve risks. You need to take risks and let your relationship grow instead of preventing it from evolving by being too possessive and jealous. That’s not to say that it’s okay to cheat, because our Orange County upscale matchmaking service knows cheating is never okay. If he cheats, kick that jerk to the curb and never look back.

3. Snoop Out If You Must

If you’re so possessive that you have full access to his phone, social media accounts, and emails, then you need to get hold of your addiction and bury it.

Yes, snooping on all his accounts will make you feel like you’re in control, and, yes, it will give you a sense of relief to go through his social media accounts, but know this, if you only trust your man because you are able to check his accounts, you don’t really trust him.

Preventing your boyfriend from having a private life is wrong. What you’re really doing is invading his privacy, and it shows him that you don’t really trust him. With that being said, you need to wean off checking his social media accounts and cell phone. Yes, it’s addictive to keep an eye on him from the shadows, but you need to stop doing it because it’s wrong.

You do want a relationship that is built on trust, right? If your boyfriend knows you snoop his accounts, tell him you want to work on creating trust in the relationship and you want him to change his passwords so you no longer have access. Explain to him that you’re trying to change your ways so you can start creating trust, for once and for all.

4. Reverse the Roles

It might do some good to swap the situation at hand. Do you have male friends? If so, would you like it if your boyfriend told you that you could not see them anymore because he just didn’t want you to? You need to take a look at how you’re behaving by reversing the roles. Remember, relationships are all about trust, so do not dish out what you cannot take yourself.

5. Get Professional Help

If you feel like you have tried all the tips from our Orange County upscale matchmaking service and yet you cannot kick your habit to the curb, then it might be time to get professional help, such as a counselor. Don’t just do it for your relationship, though, do it for yourself.

You need to seek out therapy to fix the deep-rooted problems inside of you. Perhaps counseling won’t save what you have done to your current relationship, but it will prevent you from making future mistakes.

Just because you have traveled first class to the undesirable land of being a possessive girlfriend doesn’t mean you need to stay there. Take a look at the reasons behind your actions and take the right steps to fix them. Jealousy is bad, and jealousy destroys relationships. Let go of that green-eyed monster for once and for all, and start enjoying your relationship the way it should be.

If you’re currently single and looking to meet relationship-minded men in Orange County, contact our professional matchmakers to set up a complimentary consultation today!

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