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orange county singles Your new relationship might seem like the best thing in the world today, but is it meant to be? As Santa Ana matchmakers, we encourage concerned daters to watch out for these signs from our dating experts here at Orange County Singles. Today, our Santa Ana matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest signs your relationship is doomed. 1. They’re rude to the waiter. If your partner takes you out on a romantic dinner date and is immediately rude to the waiter and constantly complaining about the service, the relationship isn’t likely to improve. The waiter is just as hardworking as anyone else, if not more since they must deal with rude people all the time. When your partner disrespects the waiter at the restaurant, you know that your partner doesn’t view them as equal, but as something less. Even if it only mildly bothers you right now, over time it will get worse and worse and will lead to a huge argument. Don’t bother with a rude partner who doesn’t know how to treat people right. 2. They talk to their ex all the time. A surprising number of people remain genuine friends with their ex after their relationship end. In fact, it shows how mature a person can be. It’s not easy to remain friends when a romantic relationship ends. Of course, like in all things, there is still a huge risk. If you and your partner are just starting a new relationship but they seem to be spending a lot of time talking to their ex, something is wrong. It’s not a good sign if it looks like they won’t be able to let go of their past. This friendship could turn into something more. You have to ask yourself if that flame is really gone for good or if it could reignite. 3. They don’t believe in change. No one and nothing in life can remain the same forever. If your partner doesn’t seem to encourage the changes you want for yourself, things can quickly go south. A relationship is hard to maintain, but it’s even more difficult to hold onto when one person doesn’t want to put in any effort. Relationships that are stuck in a rut don’t really last long. The only way a relationship can survive is if both partners are working hard and putting in efforts to keep it going strong. 4. They throw tantrums. Can you compare your romantic relationship to one from high school? Does your partner freak out when they don’t get their way? Do they always complain like a kid? Sorry, but it looks like the relationship isn’t going to last much longer. It doesn’t take much for a person to realize they want a real relationship, not one in which they must treat their partner like a kid. If your love interest doesn’t know how to handle a real conversation or know how to compromise, the relationship isn’t going to last. 5. They ignore calls and text messages. Even if you live with your partner, it’s possible to feel lonely at times. If they’re always going out and they aren’t answering your calls/texts, then something isn’t right. If you don’t live with them and they’re going days without contact with you, it’s usually for a reason. Someone who wants to make a relationship last will put in the effort to stay in touch with their partner. Don’t settle for a partner who doesn’t appreciate you. So tell us, how many of these warning signs do you see in your relationship? Is it doomed? Kick them to the curb and find someone who values you and the relationship. Tired of dating people who don’t know how to be in a relationship? Contact our Santa matchmakers today and let us help you. Let us introduce you to quality singles in Orange County who are fit to date and serious about settling down with a great catch like you. Let us help you find the one you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!

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